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Welcome to Crown Law Academy!

Crown Law Academy is the cornerstone of building your professional career as a Barrister. We are specialised in providing private tuition support only to those who desire to become a Barrister-at-Law. From LLB (Hons) to Bar Transfer Test, every steps of your career progression will certainly be smoother with our specially designed tutorial sessions. Our internal tests and assessments allow even beginners to step effortlessly into their career paths.

As an institution, we are committed to advancing knowledge through research about law, legal institutions, and legal culture, bringing to bear insights from non-legal disciplines and reaching across national and cultural borders in recognition of rising global interdependence and the increasing need for co-operative responses to transnational problems and opportunities; developing in students the substantive legal knowledge, analytic methodologies, practical skills, moral commitments, and temperament necessary to achieve excellence in their professional and civic endeavors.

Crown Law Academy highlights student-learning and academic excellence and ensures that students achieve their long-cherished goals without any obstacle. Highly qualified and experienced academic and administrative staffs are here to help learners in the best possible way.


Our Mission                                                           

We believe that economic growth and effective governance is achieved through a sound legal system. Our mission is to educate our students effectively and comprehensively in legal principles and skills; and to advance justice and the public good.

For additional information about the Academy, please contact us.  We always are eager to talk with others about the work we do and about the opportunities we provide.